Dustless Tile Removal


Kennedy Tile and Flooring is proud to announce that we now offer Dust Free Tile removal services in Peoria Arizona and the surrounding cities.


We have been in business since 2002 and until recently we have been removing existing tile floors the traditional messy and very dusty way. We have recently invested in Dustless tile and thinset removal equipment and so far the feedback from our customers has been outstanding. We have always taken our time to hang plastic to help control the amount of airborne dust but no matter how much plastic and masking tape we used the dust always seem to find a way to get everywhere. When I first heard about dustless tile removal I was a skeptic and thought it was a sales gimmick that the competition was using to charge higher demo rates. However after seeing a demonstration from our Wolff Tools sales rep I was sold. The process really is 99% dust free. As with any construction activity it is impossible to be 100% dustless but our new state of the art equipment with HEPA filtration allows for a virtually dust free tile removal process. Despite our excellent equipment we still take our time to thoroughly hang plastic and we will remove all of your furniture and belongings from the areas that we will be removing the existing flooring from. Dust Free Tile Removal and thinset grinding in Phoenix, Arizona


Due to the very high cost of our equipment, dustless tile removal generally costs a little more then standard removal but the extra cost pays for itself considering there is no need to hire a cleaning company after the tile removal is complete. People with allergies and breathing issues will definitely be happier with dustless removal as well. Tile disposal is always included with our dustless tile removal service. We always haul away all of the old flooring the same day. No need to rent an expensive dumpster and no unsightly piles of trash in your front yard for days or weeks until bulk trash day comes around. Larger projects can take several days to complete but at the end of each day we will clean up that days mess so that you can continue to live in home your throughout the process. If you already have an installer we are happy to only do the demo portion of your project . We certainly would prefer to handle the complete project but many customers have installers that they have worked with in the past or would like to handle the installation themselves but don`t want to deal with the headache and mess of floor demolition. If you fall into this category of customer we are happy to help in anyway we can. Our company also has a beautiful showroom featuring 100s of competitively priced tiles for any budget. We offer dust free tile removal services in all of the Metro  Phoenix area west valley cities including Surprise, Peoria, Glendale, Avondale, Goodyear, Litchfield Park and Buckeye

   Dustless Tile Remvoal with Hepa Vac

 We are one of only a few Licensed, Bonded and Insured companies in the Sun City Area that offer Dust Free Tile Removal. When getting quotes from other contractors always make sure to check to see if they are licensed. Tile removal is not a complicated process but it can be very destructive to your home if the workers are careless and do not take the proper steps to make sure that accidents do not take place. In the rare event that an accident does occur it is always nice to know that the company you hired will repair any damage. This does not mean that unlicensed guys don`t stand by their work, most do but I am sure you have heard that horror story about how a contractor shattered a sliding glass door with tile debris and now he wont answer his phone. If you hire a licensed, bonded and insured contractor and he stops answering his phone or refuses to take care of the issue the Arizona Registrar of Contractors recovery fund will take care of the damage and the contractor will be forced out of business.




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