Our Installed pricing includes, tile,tile delivery , premium polymer modified thinset, grout and removal and disposal of existing carpet  Installed pricing is figured for straight set with a 3/16in grout line over a bare concrete floor. In our home service area.

Additional charges for removal of existing tile, vinyl and wood flooring, moving furniture and appliances, removal and reinstallation of toilets. retacking existing carpet and grout sealer. Customer has the option to handle any of these optional items themselves

Free Delivery of All Tile, Carpet and Materials
Free Carpet Removal and Disposal with purchase of any floor

In Stock Tile Specials

MA92 Mariela Gray 20x20 Tile

MA92 Mariela Gray 20x20

20x20 $1.39   $4.39 Installed


Madrid Brava 20x20 in stock special price

Madrid Brava 20x20

20x20  $.79 Material Only

  $3.79 Installed Price

Limited to 160ft Stock on Hand

Alessi Noce AL07 20x20

AL07 Alessi Noce

20x20 $1.29   $4.29 Installed


Pergamo Noce 18x18 Tile

Pergamo Noce 18x18

18x18 $1.59 Installed $4.59


Round Rock RR96 20x20 Tile

Round Rock RR96 20x20

20x20  $1.39 Material Only

4.39 Installed


Bombay Kalva 13x13 Tile

Bombay Kalva 13x13

 13x13 $ .99   3.99 Installed

Limited to 1100sqft on hand


Parkway Beige PK96 18x18

Parkway PK96 Beige

18x18  .69 Material Only

3.69 installed

Limited to stock on hand


Dal Tile Linden Point Grigio 12x24

LP21 Linden Point Grigio 12x24

$1.79 Material Only

   $4.79 Installed

LP20 Linden Point Beige 12x24

LP20 Linden Point Beige 12x24

$1.79 Material Only

   $4.79 Installed

Lp19 Linden Point Bianco Tile

LP19 Linden Point Bianco 12x24

$1.79 Material Only

   $4.79 Installed

Amiance Cayman 12x24 Porcelaiin Tile

Ambiance Cayman 12x24

$1.79 Material Only Limited to 600ft  stock on hand

   $4.79 Installed

Dal Tile SL40 Crema 12x24

SL40 San Michele Crema 12x24

$1.39 Material Only

   $4.39 Installed

Dal Tile Eq12 24x24

EQ12 24x24 Silverstone

$1.49 Material   Installed $4.49 Limited to 1400 sqft Stock

Ay01 Ayers Rock Solar Summit 20x20

AY01 Ayers Rock Solar Summit 20x20

$2.49 Material Only  Installed $5.49

Selling Below our cost due to customer cancellation

Sells at Home Depot for  6.46sqft

Limited to 891 sqft Stock on hand

EQ13 Exquisite Mink

EQ13 12x12 Exquisite Mink

$.99 Material   Installed $3.99 Limited to 1100 sqft Stock

Dal RM92 12x24 Polished Silver Springs

RM92 12x24  Silver Springs Polished

$1.99 Material   Installed $4.99

Limited to 1150 sqft Stock

Id02 12x24 Invoke Mystic Way

ID02 12x24  Invoke Mystic Way

$1.59 Material   Installed $4.59

Limited to 470 sqft Stock

SR98 Sahara Rance Breeze Porcelain Tile

SR98 Sahara Rance Breeze

20x20   $1.69 Material   Installed $4.69

EQ11 Chantilly Tile

EQ11 Exquisite Chantilly 12x24

$1.79 Material Only Limited to 970 sqft stock on hand

   $4.79 Installed

All tiles on this page are discounted  20-50% off of our everday low price. No additional discounts will be given.